Students: Jump into entrepreneurship at Flyer Formation

March 18, 2019

When Josh Panczyk started college, he didn’t know anyone else who was interested in entrepreneurship.

That all changed when he attended his first Flyer Formation in fall 2016.

“I had always felt alone, but I walked in and saw the resources available and felt the energy – I realized there are actually a lot of people who all want to do really cool things.”

Flash forward — Josh is now the external outreach chair of University of Dayton’s entrepreneurship club, and he’s organizing this year’s Flyer Formation, slated for Saturday, April 6, from 9am to 2pm at 444 E. Second St., Dayton. He is also co-founder of a new company that is working to license technology from the Air Force Research Lab that can potentially save lives by effectively barricading doors in the event of school shootings.

Flyer Formation is designed for students who are interested in entrepreneurship, but haven’t taken that first step yet, Josh said. The speaker lineup is split between entrepreneurs and resource providers on campus and their counterparts from the wider Dayton community.

“It’s a chance for people to get a feel for Dayton’s startup community,” he said. “We’re getting a group of like-minded thinkers together to network with a plethora of speakers. Find your co-founder here.”

The Flyer Pitch is part of the day’s lineup, kicking off at 10am. Local businesses Ashley’s Pastry Shop and Company 7 BBQ will provide breakfast and lunch. Josh is particularly stoked about the closing keynote speaker, Lance Tyson of Dublin, OH’s Tyson Group, taking the stage at 1:15pm.

Check out the full Flyer Formation lineup here.