Spark Award to recognize Millennial entrepreneurs with community-minded missions

December 11, 2018

Do you know a motivated Millennial entrepreneur running a business or organization with a community-minded mission?

Nominate them for the new 2019 Spark Award from the Better Business Bureau Serving Dayton and the Miami Valley.

The Spark Award began in Columbus two years ago, BBB Dayton president & CEO John North said. The Dayton chapter is excited to roll it out locally in 2019.

“There is no better place than the land of innovation to be recognizing young entrepreneurs for what they’re doing to keep Dayton relevant as we move into a new decade,” he said. 

A volunteer panel composed of entrepreneurs and community leaders will select the 2019 class of three Spark Award winners. They are looking for “highly ethical business men and women who are giving back to their community and employees and making a difference for their customers,” John said.

Judges will consider character, culture & community — leaders must be open to new ideas, cultivate an honest and transparent atmosphere, and reinvest or volunteer in their communities.

“We’re looking for transformative leadership, individuals who unite teams while steering performance toward the mission — a traditional style of Miami Valley entrepreneurs over the years who have enthusiastically given back to the community,” he said.

Entrepreneurs are eligible to apply for any of the BBB’s Eclipse Integrity awards. The new Spark Award will specifically recognize Millennials.

“Millennials are coming of age,” John said. “They have the entrepreneurial spirit like no other generation before them, and they’re doing a lot of great work in our community specifically. This is a chance to showcase their work and offer them support and publicity.”

Nominations must be submitted by March 1. Nominated companies will then have until April 1 to complete their entries. Organizations may self-nominate.

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