Mingle with Cbus, Detroit entrepreneurs

May 7, 2019

Want to make some entrepreneur connections across the Midwest?

Join Entrepreneurs Anonymous and Atlas Partners for a Radical Collaboration event Thursday, May 23 over lunch at Wilderness Agency, 17 Front St., Dayton.

The goal of the event is to foster regional partnerships that link together entrepreneurs across neighboring cities.

“Basically, Atlas Partners tours the country connecting people doing cool stuff,” EA founder Joe Harrison said.

Part of his goal is helping organize the event is to bring new players to the city of Dayton, he said. The lunch in Dayton is a small part of a longer day for the Atlas folks, who will also be visiting Detroit, Columbus and Cincinnati.

“We want to get to know you, introduce you to our partners which are doing cool things, and figure out how we can share our regional resources to help each other,” Atlas Partners Managing Partner Timothy Wolf Starr said in a comment on the the EA Facebook page. “We are such close neighbors, but we do not see enough cross-pollination. As Atlas, we see a ton of groups that want to come work with the Midwest more, and we want to be able to tell them about all the great things in the region, not just what’s directly in front of us.”

“The event is an opportunity to get to know each other and find ways to support innovation,” he continued. “This series is designed to serve as a catalyst to promote community engagement and strategic partnership. We want to make the introductions to create intersections that help the dreamers and the doers make greater impacts by working together.”

Startups, creatives, and social enterprises, non-profits, and organizations throughout the region are welcome. FUSIAN is providing lunch, Third Wave Water is providing coffee, and a local resource provider organization is covering drinks.

“I’m humbled by it, humbled by the community willing to jump in,” Joe said.

Register here.