Mastermind cohorts launching this month

November 8, 2018

Are a few key pain points keeping you from hitting your next biz goal?

Jump into one of 15 slots open to Dayton-area entrepreneurs as SPARK Fairborn launches its first Mastermind cohort sessions next week.

The Mastermind sessions will be facilitated by Chu Oparah of World Financial Group, Roshawn Winburn of the Minority Business Center, and Donerik Black of Jasper Browne business advisors. Each cohort will include 5 to 7 people, each running a different type of business.

Individuals will share their pain points, and cohort members and facilitators will leverage their experience and business resources to help each individual address their needs and accelerate their business, Fairborn revitalization strategist Tonia Fish explained.

“This is open to the universe — if you’re growing a business, starting a business, any type of business, you are welcome,” she said. “Cohort members will help each other accelerate their business in a very bespoke way, supported by the deep resources of these wonderful facilitators.”

Frank “Buddy” Pitts, Jr., entrepreneur & co-founder of Texted Cards, was one of the driving forces behind getting these Mastermind cohorts going, Tonia said.

“Mastermind groups are a way to get ahead fast, by tackling obstacles that otherwise would take you away from major parts of your daily operations,” Buddy said. “As a designer and true artist, it’s easy for me to get lost in the world of design and shy away from the admin duties. A mastermind cohort is a small time commitment for a much larger gain.”

After an initial meeting at SPARK Fairborn, cohort members will determine the specifics of their bi-monthly meetings moving forward.

Registration for an initial session is required.