Lore offers entrepreneur discount for storytelling workshop

August 20, 2019

How well can you tell your company’s story?

Bridget Flaherty of Lore is offering our local entrepreneur community a discount on her next storytelling-for-business workshop.

“This is the curriculum that I usually provide to business clients, and it is the first time that I am opening it up to the community,” Bridget said. “I would love to fill it with entrepreneurs who might not be able to hire me for a workshop like a larger organization, but who, of course, have a story to tell.”

Examples of stories that can be honed and practiced through the workshop include the entrepreneur’s origin story, the “why” story for an organizational change project, a non-profit impact story or a leadership presentation story to increase engagement.

The full-day class is Friday, Aug. 30. Lunch is included. At the end of the day, Knack Creative will film the stories, and the entrepreneur/storyteller will receive a copy of the video to use for their purposes, such as marketing or professional development.

The class is normally $499, but use the code TECHGUIDE to save $75!

For more info, or to register, click here.