Let Ohio pay for your tech interns this summer

February 15, 2022

Want to hire a diverse group of summer interns for your tech needs?

The Diversity & Inclusion Technology Internship Program can connect you with the best and brightest upcoming talent. From creating mobile apps to building out websites, developing social media platforms, implementing new software, conducting market research and enhancing cybersecurity, the program can help with virtually any tech need to keep your business on the move.

Companies can hire up to four interns and be reimbursed for two thirds of their wages, up to $7,500 per intern. Internships must pay at least $15 per hour. The startup must have non-residential work space, and must hire the interns as W-2 employees.

Tech companies, or simply companies with a tech need, are eligible for the program. Apply by Feb. 18!


Want to build your resume at a cutting-edge company this summer break?

It’s a great opportunity for students to get paid work experience at a cutting-edge company and for tech companies to shake up their usual intern pool to increase the mix of voices in their projects.

Students in any degree program are eligible. Apply here.