DataBites to offer cybersecurity tips & tricks for startups

January 8, 2019

Roughly 80 percent of companies — whether corporations or startups — that experience a significant data breach or data loss close shop within the following year.

Ever wonder what online security your startup or small biz needs?

DataYard is here to help.

This year, DataYard is launching DataBites, a lunch-and-learn series designed to lead a conversation on cybersecurity for individuals & entrepreneurs who aren’t experts.

“There’s nothing really out there that is directed at the general public,” DataYard’s Jacob Crawford said. “This is our way to bring people up to date with tech topics, from how to be safe and secure, to best practices” for their new business or organization, especially where the back-end of tech is concerned, he added.

Anyone who works with personally identifiable information — from names and emails to credit card and social security numbers — is at risk of cyber attack, he said.

A former cofounder himself, Jacob understands the struggle of trying to fill multiple roles in a new company. These DataBites sessions can help startups start right, he said. They also seek to raise awareness of simple steps individuals can take to be more secure, he added.

The first DataBites is FutureProof 2019, slated for Wednesday, Jan. 16 at noon at DataYard HQ, 130 W. 2nd St., Suite 250 in Dayton. FutureProof will explore next-gen firewalls as a means for individuals and startups to be safe. Attendees are welcome to ask specific questions regarding what security measures they should be implementing for their business, Jacob said.

The second DataBites session, Jurassic Park Blunders, is slated for Thursday, Feb. 21 at noon, at DataYard HQ. In this session, the DataYard team will use clips of the movie to guide the conversation and show how various disasters might have been prevented with better cybersecurity policies and procedures.

Specifically, this second session will touch on NIST 800-171 compliance, a requirement for any contractor or subcontractor who works with classified materials or documents.

The third session, Wonderful World of WAN, will explore how to combine networks from different locations — a workshop applicable for any startup with remote employees or companies with multiple branch locations, Jacob said.

While these first three sessions are planned, the team is seeking feedback. What topics do YOU want to hear about in the cybersecurity arena? What format is preferred — workshops, panels, conversations?

DataBites sessions are free to attend. Lunch will be provided. The first session on Jan. 16 will be catered by Chipotle. See upcoming sessions & register for them here.