Aviation tech co seeking cofounders:

April 23, 2019

The greatest risk in aviation — the thing that claims the most lives — is loss of control, Danny Glasser, founder of Aviation Fundamentals explains.

A pilot himself, Danny is tackling this issue by developing an in-flight training program in which he can safely recreate dangerous conditions while a training pilot is actually in the air, so that a true emergency isn’t the first time a pilot experiences those conditions.

He’s seeking cofounders to move his company forward. He’s looking for someone who is a fellow pilot (or at least is interested in becoming a pilot), is creative, and can function with partial knowledge.

In cofounder roles, these individuals will develop a digital flight control system, build it, install it in an airplane, and test the system in flight. Specific titles are Controls Engineer & Mechanical Design Engineer.

The requirements:

Bachelors degrees in engineering required, preferably in the areas of electrical, mechanical, aeronautical or computer/software engineering; Private pilot license or a willingness to pursue your license independently; Strong work ethic; Self-motivated and independent; Goal-oriented; Entrepreneurial ambitions.

The desired experience & traits:

Design and tune closed loop control systems; CAD software (SolidWorks preferred); Flight Simulator design; Flying qualities / Flight dynamics; RTOS environment coding; Matlab/Simulink, C, C++, or Python; App/GUI design for tablet computer; Wrench-turning experience (tinkering on cars, machining, welding, breadboarding circuits, building electronics hardware, etc.)

If you or someone you know is interested, email your resume in a .pdf format to [email protected] or call Aviation Fundamentals at (937) 303-1359.