5 Reasons you should make the drive to Cincinnati next week

October 3, 2017

Who can forget the magic of Dayton Startup Week? From the positive energy to the inspiring stories to the organic collisions, there are a wealth of reasons to make room in your schedule to attend (and just in case you’re wondering, Dayton Startup Week 2018 will be in June again). But just in case you’re thinking, June of next year! Are you kidding me? I have to wait that long? don’t sweat it–this year our neighbor to the south, Cincinnati, is holding its very first Startup Week, and their inaugural lineup is killer!

Here are our 5 reasons why you should make the drive to Cincinnati next week to attend Cincinnati Startup Week:

1. Monday’s schedule

The morning starts off with breakfast and yoga followed by the opening ceremony, which promises to be inspiring. After that, you can choose to learn about raising funding and choosing an accelerator. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear the personal journey of IncludeFitness’ CEO who has successfully navigated the startup world to find success raising millions of dollars to continue developing and launching new technologies. Other options for the day include a class on Crowdfunding, goal setting and metrics tracking, and building a pitch deck.

2. Tuesday’s schedule

Tuesday is the day of demos (but if you’re not interested in watching pitches, there are still plenty of educational sessions scheduled). Check out and learn from the startups who are graduating from 2 different accelerators (The Brandery and Hillman–a minority-focused program. Close out the night with the Community Pitch event.

3. Wednesday’s schedule (are you seeing a pattern here?)

Want to learn about talent attraction and creating culture? If you said “yes”, then Wednesday morning should be on your schedule. Later on in the day you can hear from a panel of women entrepreneurs or attend a lunchtime fireside chat with Leslie Miley who will share why he left Slack to work with startup communities. And if drones are your thing, you’ll want to check out the Interactive Drone Experience and Challenge Course.

4. Thursday’s schedule

We always encourage our Dayton entrepreneurs to tap into the resources that are available to them, both in Dayton and in our neighboring communities. If you want to know what resources Cincinnati has or how you might engage in their startup community, which they lovingly refer to as StartupCincy, then make sure you carve out some time in your day on Thursday to spend some time learning. But make sure you get there early–the first session of the day which starts at 9:00 am is about leveraging Cincinnati resources to grow your business.

5. Friday’s schedule

Friday’s schedule is a little more lean than the rest of the week, but if you want to learn about determining the value of your company or establishing scalable structure, you’ll want to block out time (the schedule ends at 2:00 pm on Friday) attending the last day of Cincinnati Startup Week.

You can see the full schedule of events, as well as register to attend by visiting their website. We hope to see you there!