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Date: February 24

Time: 9:00 am - 2:30 pm

Aviatra Master Class: Increase Your Visibility Through Impactful Public Speaking

Showcase your business expertise to a bigger audience by becoming a poised, comfortable public speaker (even if you have stage fright).

Do you need more visibility for your business and yourself?

Have you:

Started a business and want to define an impactful message?
Been appointed to a Board of Directors, and want to make sure your input is heard and considered?
Been promoted to a new position and need to be more “out there” in the community?
Planned to interview for a new position, and need to bring your best self?
Agreed to give leadership talk and want to feel prepared and confident?
If so, this is the training you won’t want to miss!

You probably think of the people who give speeches, teach classes and run workshops as experts, right? Experts are trusted, go-to people for anyone who needs help in that field.

Can you envision how it would positively impact your business if YOU were seen as the expert? But are you nervous about grabbing that microphone? Do your hands get sweaty and your mouth dries up when you picture standing on a stage?

This Master Class will turn your stage presence from awkward to poised and your speeches from stumbling to inspiring.

It’s time to showcase your expertise to a bigger audience by developing your authentic voice, learning tips from the pros and practicing in front of a small, friendly group.

Stop being a well-kept secret. You can become the charming, comfortable, expert public speaker you know you need to be. Learn more about this class here.

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