Get the support you need to move your business forward

The Dayton region’s entrepreneurs are building the companies that will drive tomorrow’s economy and bring vibrancy to our communities. The Launch Dayton Mentor Network supports these pioneers and business owners by connecting them to business mentors who have been there, done that, and can provide one-on-one support to help their peers avoid costly mistakes while they pursue business growth goals.

Word on the Launch Dayton Mentor Network:

Chef Anthony Head, Launch Dayton Mentee

"Without the Mentor Network, I think we would have stalled our growth. Because we all have big ideas. I needed some help, some hand-holding to be frank, to go from being in the business every day, to having space to work on the business."

James Mowery, Launch Dayton Mentor

"Being part of a mentor network can definitely accelerate you because instead of just your knowledge, you’re using someone else’s knowledge as well. If I can teach somebody how I made mistakes and they don’t have to go through that, great. I love to build things, I love helping people build things, if I can be a part of that in any way, I’m in.”

Become a mentee — get one-on-one support to help your business grow

Mentors can help you dream bigger. They share lessons learned from costly mistakes so you don’t have to make the same ones on your own business growth journey. Mentors introduce you to expanded networks; offer outside perspectives; and help hold you accountable to keep you on track. Get one-on-one support today to grow and scale your business.

Who should be a Launch Dayton Mentee?

The Launch Dayton Mentor Network is for business owners committed to improving as a business owner/operator. You should be willing to put in the work that comes from your mentoring sessions. You should also be coachable and open to feedback.


  • Commit to the mentoring process and the relationship with your assigned mentor(s)
  • Be open and honest about your business (the good, the bad and the ugly)
  • Listen, Reflect, Plan, Do
  • Know what you want to gain and accomplish from your mentor(s)
  • Keep confidential all business information learned in the course of mentoring
  • Dedicate 2 hours per month to meeting with your mentor
  • Have fun!


  • An existing business operating for at least 6 months with consistent revenue
  • Traction and validation (aka a consistent following from your audience who shares and pays for your product or service)
  • A solid business foundation, looking to accomplish specific growth milestones
  • Business must be located in the Dayton region

Become a mentor — impact your community when you help a local business grow

You’ve been there, done that, and you’re looking for a way to pay it forward and give back. We’ll pair you with a rising entrepreneur who can benefit from your wealth of knowledge and experience. Directly impact your community by helping these business owners grow so they can build wealth and employ their neighbors.

Who should be a Launch Dayton Mentor?

The Launch Dayton Mentor Network is a perfect opportunity for altruistic individuals who are passionate about mentoring early-stage and existing entrepreneurs on their business growth journey. You should be willing to volunteer your time and expertise. You will advise and guide, accelerate mentee business growth, and provide an ongoing educational relationship.


  • Be open and honest
  • Provide sound advice and feedback
  • Share contacts and connections
  • Keep confidential all business information learned in the course of mentoring
  • Dedicate at least 2 hours per month per mentee
  • Attend a monthly meeting with fellow mentors
  • Have fun!


  • Must be a current or former Founder, Owner, Principal, Executive, or Senior Officer of a company or business
  • Experience successfully operating a company or business
  • Able to volunteer time
  • Passion for mentoring entrepreneurs
  • Ability to ensure a trusted environment for the entrepreneur free of any conflicts of interest

Our Partners

The Launch Dayton Mentor Network is made possible through Ohio Third Frontier funding to Entrepreneurs’ Center. The program is managed by Launch Dayton partner Parallax Advanced Research. The Launch Dayton Mentor Network selection committee comprises individuals from Parallax, Entrepreneurs’ Center, Downtown Dayton Partnership and the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.